Your Galentine’s Day Guide

According to Leslie Knope, February 13th is Galentine’s Day, “the day for ladies to celebrate ladies.” Whether you’re hosting or attending, see below for some great ideas to take your Galentine’s celebrations up a notch.


If you’re hosting, here’s some great decorating tips to bring the theme of the evening together.

DIY Banner


I made this banner with a sheet of water color paper, watercolor paint, and some string. It’s easy to create and fun! All you have to do it trace out the hearts you want to string. Fold a piece of paper in half and then cut out the shape of half of a heart (kind of a teardrop-shape) to create an evenly shaped heart.

Then, I painted the hearts with shades of pink and red. Allow the colors to bleed into each other so each heart is unique.

Once that’s dry (use a hairdryer if you’re on a time crunch) cut out the hearts and punch two holes at the top. Grab some string and you have yourself a DIY banner to hang on your drink cart, in your living room, at a photo booth station, or how I hung it above my bed.

Photo booth

Hang this metallic streamer backdrop along with your homemade banner and you have a DIY photo booth. Use fun photo props like the ones featured below that I found at Homegoods for only $5! They add a fun element to a regular photo booth and add to the evening’s theme.

Tasteful Treats

Cake Pops

Delight your guests or show up to the party with some delicious treats for them to take home!

This is my favorite dessert for dinner parties. They’re cute, easy to eat, and you can decorate them for any occasion. All you do is bake your favorite boxed cake mix as you normally would in a sheet pan. Once it’s done let it cool off COMPLETELY (stick it in the fridge if you have to. If it’s warm at all it will make assembly very difficult.)Then, add in 2/3 a can of frosting of your choosing. Typically, I try and stick to the flavor of your cake. For instance, if I bake a chocolate cake, I would use chocolate frosting, but feel free to experiment! Once combined, the consistency should be malleable. Not crumbly, but also not too wet or else it will be difficult for the cake balls to keep their shape. Using food safe gloves roll the balls into 1-inch bite sized portions and stick in the freezer again for about an hour (this allows the mixture to form together before dipping into melted chocolate.)

Decide what chocolate you want to cover your cake balls in. Again, I try to stay consistent with the flavor cake and frosting I used. Put the chips in a microwave safe bowl and add a drizzle of vegetable oil. Microwave for about 30 seconds. Take out the bowl and mix around the chips allowing the heat to evenly disperse. Repeat for 15 second intervals until the chocolate is melted (It’s very easy to overcook so be careful!) If you’d like, you can dye the white chocolate pink or red.

Dip the cake balls into the melted chocolate and coat them completely. Try taking the balls out of the chocolate by using a fork as opposed to a spoon, so the excess chocolate can drip through the prongs and back into the bowl. Lay them on a lined cookie sheet to dry.

While they’re still wet top them off with some decorative sprinkles. I got these at Homegoods!
Let the chocolate dry by refrigerating, and drop a few cake balls in these mini boxes (another Homegoods find.)

Add a name tag for who will be receiving these treats, and attach it to your box with a string to finish off the whole look.

Celebratory Cocktails

It wouldn’t be a party without some festive drinks. Of course it has to be pink, and of course it has to include champagne.


Pour the champagne of your choosing into a glass.

Add a little bit of Ocean Spray Sparkling Pomegranete juice and a squeeze of a lime.

Finish it off with some fresh raspberries and a little bit of mint for freshness and color. This drink is not only delicious, but it also doubles as a prop for your photo booth sessions 🙂

Happy Galentine’s day, and enjoy your evening with your favorite girls! 🙂

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