Gift Wrapping and DIY Gift Tags

The Holidays are my favorite time of year. Gift giving is the perfect way of letting someone know that you truly care and picked out something just for them. Below, see how I transform ordinary packages into personalized pieces of art in only a few easy steps!


What you’ll need:

Solid Color Wrapping Paper Rolls in Paper Bag ($7.95)

Gold Glitter Wrapping Paper ($9.95)

Linen Ribbon ($4.95)

Watercolor Cards ($4.09)

Watercolors Set ($3.29)

Gold Paint Pen ($4.49)

Twine ($3.99)

Hole Punch

Scotch Tape


Pine Tree Trimmings

IMG_0558The first step is wrapping the presents. Some holiday wrapping paper looks really cheesy. I love using the brown solid wrapping paper linked above. I think this is more classy looking and gives your gifts a natural and authentic feel.

Tie your package up using the twine and/or linen ribbon. Add a sprig of pine tree to act as a bow and give your gift a festive smell!


Next, is the homemade gift tag. Some people think this part isn’t important and scribble a name on an old gift tag or slap a sticker on their package. But I think it’s the most important part to your gift. It let’s your gift receiver know that you took some extra time to personalize your gift to them.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to create the poinsettia gift tag displayed below:


1. Start by cutting your watercolor greeting card in half. Then cut the corners of the folded edge to give a gift tag look.


2. Punch a hold near the top of the folded edge.


3. Wet your paint brush and dip into the red paint (mix with green or brown to get a deeper red color) and stroke the brush to form petals. It doesn’t have to be perfect, don’t be afraid to have the petals go off the paper and leave white space.

4. Next, wet your paint brush and dip into green and follow the same process to form the leaves.

5. Then dip your brush into the dark brown/black and lightly tap into the center of the flower to form the center (it will bleed into the red and green- that’s ok!)

6. Let that dry (if you’re short on time use a blow dryer to expedite the process.)

7. Once dry, use a gold paint marker to add accents to the flower. I added dots in the center and around the petals, and drew lines down the center of the leaves. You can also add a border like I did below or anything else you think may accent your tag!

8. Thread twine through the hole and tie around the center of your package and you have a charming gift tag to delight your loved one!


Here’s the link to the sweatshirt I’m wearing in this post:

Resting Grinch Face Sweatshirt ($32)

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